Pharo Installers

For OS X, Linux, and Windows. The zip files contain all necessary files. Just download and run the executable.

2.0 (release)
3.0 (development)

Custom Downloads

To run Pharo you need an image, changes, and a sources file, as well as a VM for your platform. When downloads are completed, uncompress all files and put them into the same directory (this directory should then contain a .image, .changes, and a .sources file). Then start the VM.

Pharo 2.0 image
Pharo 3.0 image (dev)

Other versions of Pharo can be found on the file server.

Virtual Machines

These links always point to latest released Virtual Machines (VMs) for each system.

Getting started

Download the Pharo one-click package

Run the executable after unzipping – no installation required!

Follow the integrated, interactive tutorial

Nightly builds

You can also download latest builds from our static file server and browse test results from our continuous integration server