Two new Members Pharo Consortium

The Pharo Consortium has two new Members:

- Sensus
- High Octane SPRL


Development of Pharo 3 Started

After shipping Pharo 2.0 last week, work has started on Pharo 3.

CI Server:
Issue Tracker:
Download: here.

- Build server now uses staging: only tested updates are made public
- We now have individual downloads for the three platforms:
   Mac, Win, Linux instead of the combined "OneClick".
- Issue tracking moved to FugBugz. As Google is discontinuing API
   support for Google code, we needed an alternativ solution. Thanks
   to Fog Creek Software, we are now using FogBugz. All 400 open
   issues have been migrated.

Pharo 3 has seen already 14 updates, with more than 30 Issues fixed.
We will post a description of what is planed for Pharo 3 soon.
(In the meantime, have a look at the FOSDEM Talk here)

PharoConf | MooseDay | 2013

The conference will take place at the University of Bern during April 2-4:

The conference will be free and will even include a free lunch. Yes, free lunch. No trick. We only kindly ask you to register online for each event as soon as possible.

Moose 4.8 Development Started

From Moose News:

"We worked over the last couple of weeks on several infrastructural changes in Moose.

First, the Moose code was relocated to SmalltalkHub, the new cool place to be in the Pharo world. Most of the projects are now placed under the blessing of the Moose team. If you want to participate, just let us know.

Second, and perhaps most important, we have moved to Pharo 2.0, the soon to be released version of Pharo. With this move, a part of the code pioneered in Moose could simply be dropped because it is already present in Pharo 2.0. The transition was mostly smooth and it is highly recommended for anyone developing in Pharo.

Third, Moose 4.8 now builds on a new Jenkins infrastructure offered by INRIA. There are still a few red tests, but we are working on greening them. With the move to Pharo 2.0, we also simplified dramatically the build jobs by using the ZeroConf infrastructure."

Learn more about Moose at

Pharo 2.0 Release

We are proud to announce the release of Pharo 2.0!

You can find information about Pharo at:

About this release
All in all, there were over 1600 issues treated in the issue tracker
and 1350 improvements integrated into 2.0.

Read it again, yes 1350 is huge, take two minutes and have a look at the list of improvements! Now you got the feel of the effort. And this was a true community effort. It is possible because people worldwide helped! We want to deeply thank them.

We want to thank Inria for its constant support, in particular for the salary of Igor Stasenko and Esteban Lorenzano, and for the help in the infrastructure.

We have accomplished this huge task for a better system because we were together. Do not forget that we are working on a consortium to support our system:

- (for companies and organizations)
- (for individuals)

Our goal is to build a system so that we can make a living with our creativity and programming skills.

You can find information about Pharo on In particular, you may be interested in:

- Joining us and getting help
- Getting the Pharo By Example book (available as a free PDF)
- Watching the screencasts
- Reporting problems
- Reading the forth coming book
- Reading the Pharo vision document

Thanks a lot for your participation, energy and fun.

                        -- The Pharo Team

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