Pharo issues are tracked with FogBugz.


Penelope is a frontend for the tracker so that you can see the statuses and report issues without logging in.


Click on the "Add a new case" blue bar to submit a new issue.


Registering yourself in the system:

Provide your username and email through the following link:


Look at your mailbox and proceed as asked.

Welcome aboard!

Before submitting a new issue:

Make sure that the issue has not previously been reported.

You may also find your problem already being discussed on the mailing list. You can search in the mailing list in the archive.

When you are submitting an issue:

In the description always say which image version (not only whether it is PharoCore or Pharo), which platform, and which version of the VM you are using.

If the bug brings a debugger popup, it is very helpful to attach the full stack trace to the issue. The stack trace is written to the file PharoDebug.log located in the same directory as your image.

Try to reproduce the bug. If you succeed please explain how to do it step by step.

If you have a fix, remember that you have to sign the MIT license first. For more information see the license page.

More information about Issue Tracking

For more information, have a look at the Wiki here.

About Bugfixes for the Stable Release

For the stable release, the focus is to only change the absolute minimum. Especially as one person's enhancement is the other persons bug... any large change will have side effects, so we should really limit ourselves a bit.

- No new features.
- No cleanups
- If a bug was there in Pharo 1.1 already and we lived with it
   for years, fixing it in  the current dev version is (in many
   cases) enough.
   (There are exceptions, but is does not happen often).
- Community input is important. A ready-to-include fix with
   a description that it was tested and a note that it for sure
   works will not be ignored.
   For an entry that is nearly finished yet nobody even cares
   to test it, why bother?

Bug tracker

To report bugs go to

For Cog Virtual Machine issues, there's also a dedicated issue tracker.


Watch how to report bugs and submit fixes:


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