Stéphane Ducasse
Research director at INRIA Lille leading the RMoD Team.

Pharo board member and president of ESUG.


Marcus Denker
Permanent searcher at INRIA Lille in RMoD Team.

Pharo board member


Igor Stasenko
Professional smalltalk hobbyist.


Mariano Martinez Peck
PhD student betwen Ecole des Mines de Douai and INRIA RMOD team. Main developer behind SqueakDBX and GlorpDBX.

Maintainer of Metacello Configurations of official Pharo images.


Tudor "Doru" Gîrba
Consultant through, concerned with communicating and modeling information in general

Leads the work on the Moose analysis platform since 2003.


Adrian Lienhard
Previous development leader at Cmsbox and co-founder of


Alain Plantec
Use Pharo for developing research tools in the Model Driven Engineering field.

ESUG board member.


Alexandre Bergel
Use Pharo for research in software engineering, quality and understanding at University of Chile.

Contribute to Mondrian, Moose, XMLSupport, Spy.


Christoph Budzinski
Programming language enthusiast, one man software development army.

Use Pharo to further his goal of finding the holy grail of programming, combining fun with productivity.

Contribute to Pharocasts by talking to a microphone


Dale Henrichs
Responsible for Seaside/GLASS at GemStone.

Contribute to Metacello and Seaside.


Damien Cassou

Bug fixes, packaging, tools enhancement, support, ...


Diógenes Alberto Moreira
CTO at Ilon S.A. and CTO at Sociadad Anonima para la Salud S.A.
Contributor on DBXTalk and other projects.


Eliot Miranda
Independent Consultant.  Contributed the Cog VM, originator of method tags.


Esteban Lorenzano
Owner of Smallworks.
Author of Mars.
Contributor on several projects, like DBXTalk.
We use Pharo for everything we do :)


Fernando Olivero
PhD student of the University Of Lugano. Work in the industry as a Smalltalk developer.

Use Pharo for developing research tools such as Gaucho, a next generation development environment.


Gary Chambers
Software Engineer at Pinesoft.
Smalltalk developer for over 20 years now!

Creator of Polymorph UI framework.


German Arduino
Smalltalker & Entrepreneur, owner of Arduino software.

German Arduino

Göran Krampe
Software developer and consultant working as freelancer in Stockholm.
Smalltalker since many years, using Pharo for Seaside development.


 Guillermo Polito


Hernan Wilkinson
Developer, consultant, OO teacher and partner at 10Pines.
Uses Pharo as his main Smalltalk development and teaching platform.
Member of FAST.
Organizer of the Argentine Smalltalk conference.FF


Hilaire Fernandes
Teaches mathematics and ICT at Coudriers high school in Geneva.

Author of Dr. Geo II an interactive geometry framework.


Jannik Laval
PhD studient in computer science at INRIA Lille with RMod team.


Jean-Baptiste Arnaud
PhD studient in computer science at INRIA Lille with RMod team.


Jeff Gray
Project Manager at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Pharo hobbyist


Johan Brichau
Postdoctoral researcher at the Departement of Computer Science and Engineering of the Université catholique de Louvain


Johannes Rasche
Now doing what may be worth the effort both for myself and whoever appreciates it. Developing a smart and handy gadget to maintain virtual, taggable pin boards communicating P2P with Pharo and later Seaside as well


Juan Vuletich
Contributed the default anti-aliased fonts and the SimpleMorphic UI framework.
Author of Cuis Smalltalk.


Laurent Laffont
Use Pharo for testing web application, and teaching software development.

Contribute to Pharocasts, ProfStef, Autotest.


Luc Fabresse
Permanent researcher at Ecole des Mines de Douai.
Use Pharo for teaching and research projects.

Treasurer of ESUG and Pharo Association.


Lukas Renggli
PhD studient in computer science at the SCG in Bern and consultant in software engineering and web application

Involved in Seaside, OmniBrowser, Refactoring Engine and many other tools.


Miguel Cobá
Seaside and Pharo user; maintainer of Magma Metacello configuration.

Development leader at Trantaria, a
mexican company focused on building web applications using Seaside on

Miguel Coba

Oscar Nierstrasz
Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bern. Founder of the Software Composition Group.

Using Pharo in research; developing Pharo by Example.


Norbert Hartl
Working as freelancer in the area of Cologne.

Use Pharo for learning about language concepts, development of web applications and as frontend for gemstone development.

Norbert Hartl

Sean DeNigris
President and Lead Scientist at Clipper Adams, Inc.

Uses Pharo for in-house & commercial application development, and research - primarily into the mechanism by which information leads to meaningful change in the human experience


Serge Stinckwich
Associate researcher of the IRD/UMMISCO. Founder of SmalltalkParty in Paris.
Located in Hà Nộ, Vietnam now. Smalltalk evangelist in Asia.
Translator of "Pharo by Example" in french.

Serge Stinckwich

Simon Denier
PhD, Computer Science
Currently postdoc in the RMoD project-team, INRIA Lille-Nord Europe


Torsten Bergmann
Old Dude Who Knows Smalltalk


Veronica Uquillas Gomez
PhD candidate at the Software Languages Lab, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and at the University of LilleRMOD team, as part of an inter-university doctorate


People are invited to get an entry on this page if they have contributed or if they are in another way involved in the community (e.g., by being an active user).

Not here? Send an e-mail with a nice picture of you, link to your website and a description of your Pharo usage to Laurent Laffont.