PostID Software Development Toolkit

PostID is a solution toolkit recently developed by Pinesoft from the foundations of the patented MBagger system.

Reflex Vacances

Reflex Vacances is a website to rent holiday homes all over France:

External Page: reflex-vacances.png

The website lists 2000+ houses, and it runs 100% in Pharo + Iliad + MongoDB.

"Cette plateforme regroupe des milliers d'annonces publiées par des propriétaires de toute la France, tous spécialistes de la location de vacances. Nous l'avons dotée d'un logiciel sur mesure développé pour permettre à la fois aux visiteurs de juger de la qualité des annonces et aux propriétaires de valoriser grâce à un espace optimisé ou le logement peut-être abondamment décrit."

Contact for more information.

Hapa'o - Test Coverage Tool

Hapao is an innovative test coverage tool, implemented in the VisualWorks and Pharo Smalltalk programming languages. It employs an effective and intuitive graphical representation to visually assess the quality of the coverage. A combination of appropriate metrics and relations visually shapes methods and classes, which indicates to the programmer whether more effort on testing is required.


More information can be found here.

Lawsuite Tracker

Lawsuit tracker is a desktop application to follow trials and do reporting/liquidation over them. It has a customer designed DSL for querying and it exports data to PDF and CSV.
Is being used actively by around 20 users.


It is made using Pharo, Glamour, Magritte and MongoDB.

More information and screenshots  here.

Language of Languages

Unifying Concepts Across Different Notations
Maintaining the consistency of multiple notations used in large projects is daunting. Language of Languages(LoLs) is our experimental language workbench that fulfills a frequently overlooked but important role: unify the different notations so developers can better understand and evolve a project. Due to the impossibility of anticipating all the notations that may be used in a project, LoLs adopts a language agnostic view and supports different notations from free-form text to graphical forms and shapes.

Dr. Geo

Dr. Geo is a winning award interactive geometry software for Linux, XO laptop, Windows and Mac OS X. Written entirely in Pharo Smalltalk, Dr. Geo allows one to create geometric figure plus the interactive manipulation of such figure in respect with their geometric constraints.


It is usable in teaching situation with students from primary or secondary level. It is simple and effective with some unique features as Smalltalk scripting and programming.

Dr. Geo comes with several user power tools:
- A user friendly interface suitable to 10 years old kids
- A script system to extend DrGeo capabilities
- Smalltalk programmed interactive sketch
- An interactive geometry framework entirely written with the dynamic and interactive Smalltalk language. It gives power to the user to modify Dr. Geo while it is running.

Issys Tracking

Web-based application for Seros, a large social organization/health insurance in Argentina. Issys Tracking is a workflow platform to support authorization procedures for the medical practice. The system serves up to 1000 concurrent users. Key for the project's success is the flexible and agile Pharo platform and development environment. The application is developed by Ilon S.A.

- Load balancing: Apache as a proxy/balancer (round robin with session affinity)
- Server setup: 5 Pharo images on 3 different servers (Linux and Windows 2003)
- GUI: Heavily AJAX-based. All code written in Smalltak: Seaside 3.0, Seaside JQuery integration and JQWidgetBox.
- Persistency: Glorp (OR mapper) and OpenDBX (DB client)
- Databases: large PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server DBs

Inceptive – ERP Application

Flanders' most renown cultural centre, Vooruit, hired Inceptive to develop a custom event planning and resource management system. This ERP solution is a suite of feature-rich tools, such as a highly interactive calendar, event structure visualizations, graphical event-resource allocation, detailed event scheduling, resource & contact management, conflict resolution, and reporting & invoicing.

Zoom: Graphical and interactive set up of events and resources
Zoom: A central interactive calendar

- Clean structure using XHTML
- Flexibility by layouting using CSS3 and SVG2.0
- Responsiveness using rich client-side behavior in JavaScript
- Dynamic content using Seaside 3.0 in Pharo
- Easy data management with object-oriented database GOODS
- Fast logging in a separate relational database Postgres

Pinesoft – MBagger

Pinesoft provides agile software development and IT infrastructure service, support and consultancy. Pinesoft developed Polymorph, the GUI themes and widgets that are included in Pharo.

Zoom: 4120335614_af6466273a_b.jpg

The application MBagger is designed to improve efficiency with relabelling of packages within the logistics industry.

MBagger provides a simple means of rescanning labels with algorithmic clean-up suitable for re-printing with commerically available thermal printers. All designed to be fully usable with just a touchscreen. Runs happily on an Eeetop..., image processing transcoded from Smalltalk into Slang for a plugin. Custom hardware support for Datalogic scanners, based around an asynchronous device framework developed in house. Webcam support is also available (VideoForLinux plugin) if required, all customisable via configuration files (XML-based).

Other projects based on Pharo


2denker is using Pharo as a backend for  UN-Number iPhone app.



Aida/Web is a web framework and application server for building complex websites and ajaxified web applications the REST and MVC way.


Arduino Software

Arduino Software is a small but experienced software company based in Argentina. WebPostAutomation is one of their latest projects.


Gemstone GLASS

Gemstone provides a GemTools Client based on Pharo. An application developed with these tools running on GLASS is


Mobile Wiki Server

The mobile Wiki server is a fully functional Wiki hosted on your iPhone, or iPod touch.



Moose is a platform for software and data analysis.


Pier CMS

Pier is a content management system that is light, flexible and free.



Seaside is a framework that provides a layered set of abstractions over HTTP and HTML that let you build highly interactive web applications quickly, reusably and maintainably.



Smallworks is a software development company located in Argentina. Their products, e.g.,, run on Pharo.


If your company or project is missing, please contact Marcus Denker